Meet Deena

Chef Deena

As the oldest of eleven siblings, I was cooking since I was five years old. An inspired hybrid of my Orthodox roots mixed with my love for international cuisine, my approach to cooking is rooted in ancient culture, holistic healing and history.

With a background in science and nutrition in both eastern and western medicine, I see food as medicine and how eating delicious whole nourishing organic foods will lead to a healthier life.

I don’t preach or follow the latest food trends, I believe in fresh meals, prepared with loving hands using the healthiest, most hydrating and nourishing ingredients possible, designed with the body’s natural processes in mind. I infuse all the food I prepare with equal parts of love, wellness and flavor.

My wide range of experience working with new moms, people recovering from cancer, and people with food intolerances has provided me with the knowledge to transform nature’s most nutritious bounty into healing and fulfilling meals. In my life and my client’s lives, I’ve seen dramatic health transformations, healthier skin and bodies, more energy, and even better moods, and mindset.

Preparing food that is whole, fresh, and organic, from scratch and the holistic wellbeing it brings to our clients lives, is my life’s passion.

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