Ready to Grill BBQ
$ 225 (Serves 4)

Full ready to grill BBQ for 4, Vegan, and kids options available.  Menu is prepared of organic ingredients and grassfed hormone free animal products. No processed sugar and gluten free except where indicated

Comes with a beautiful wooden cheese board for easy + chic assembly. Delivery in NYC area and the Hamptons.


$225 - $270


  • pecorino whole grain crackers (contains gluten)
  • cashew kale chips (V)
  • crudités (V)
  • pickled slaw (V)
  • herb hummus dip (V)
  • olives (V)
  • wooden cheese board


  • marinated steaks (raw)
  • marinated veggie kabobs (raw)
  • chimichurri chicken skewers (seared, reheat on grill)
  • massaged kale salad with pistachio vinaigrette dressing (V)


  • vanilla cookie crumble with white chocolate ganache, raspberry sauce & blueberries (GF, D)

***Kids Menu Add-On (serves 2-3)

  • vegan sliders (V, contains gluten)
  • fun-shaped vegetable fritters (V, GF)
  • chocolate chip oat cookies (GF)
  • homemade sugar-free ketchup

***Vegan Option Add-On (serves 2)

  • vegan sliders (V, contains gluten)
  • marinated portobellas & asparagus (V)
  • vanilla cookie crumble with vanilla coconut cream, raspberry sauce & blueberries (GF, V)